Parex Ltd

In a little over seven years, Parex has grown to become one of the leading brands for construction products in the UK market and is on target to achieve annual sales of Eur 20 million in the current year.

Parex UK brings together the former Tecroc and Easipoint brands with the existing Parex Lanko sales operation which was already established in the UK.

Our Markets

Parex Ltd provides quality assured for all sectors of the UK construction industry from housing improvements to major public hard landscaping schemes, from major tunnel and motorway construction to extensions to the London Underground network.

Our Expertise

The reputation of Parex Ltd is forged not only on the quality and capabilities of its products, but also the expertise and knowledge of its people.


Parex in the UK is headed by Mark Shorrock, Managing Director, of Parex Ltd, whose experience in construction products is supplemented by an in-depth knowledge of the UK logistics industry.

Hear how Parex Ltd has made a major impact in the UK market in less than a decade.